Judges Guild Journal

The Judges Guild Journal was the first RPG magazine ever printed, beating The Strategic Review to press back in 1976. It started out as a single legal-sized page, and grew into a full-scale magazine. Few people are lucky enough to have so much as held one of those early Journals, whose circulation was only a few hundred. But all Guildmembers will some day have a chance to read them. As time permits, we will be scanning old Journals and putting them online in this section.

Here is your chance to return to those halcyon days of long ago when Judges Guild was born ... a time of excitement, and exploration, and the promise of new adventures around every corner.

  • Journal I - The very first issue of the Judges Guild Journal
  • Journal J - The second issue of the Judges Guild Journal

Yes, Issue J has the graphic from issue I for the moment. The real one will be up soon.