Portal Color Effects

ColorSpecial EffectWorking StateNotes
1) Blue-Silver2d6 Lightning Bolt (20% chance each)Non-FunctioningColor lasts 24 hours - Iron doubles damage
2) GreenEmits faint smell of Chlorine10% chanceColor lasts 16 hours
3) YellowFeels Damp20% chanceColor lasts 8 hours - Cloaks negate special
4) UmberDrenching Wet30% chanceColor lasts 4 hours - Torches negate special
5) Orange-GoldFeeling of Euphoria40% chanceColor lasts 2 hours
6) IridescentTingling on Skin60% chanceColor lasts 1 hour
7) RedExtremely Dry60% chanceColor lasts 20 minutes - Damp Skin negates
8) MaroonDehydrate (extreme thirst)70% chanceColor lasts 10 minutes - Soaking Self negates
9) Dark BlueUncontrollable80% chanceContemplation of Home negates special
10) Light BlueFeeling of Falling90% chance“Feather Fall” negates special effects
11) Deep PurpleClaustrophobia OverwhelmingWorks“Blessing” negates special effect
12) Black and SilverCauses Slight Amnesia (1d6 days)Works“Continual Light” negates special
13) WhiteExtreme Cold - Frostbite (50% con, chance)WorksTea negates special effect
14) Tan and GoldSedative (2d6 turns)WorksCoffee negates special
15) Brown and YellowHypertention (1d6 turns)WorksWine negates special effect
16) TurquoiseDwarves Seized by Great Greed (1d6 turns)WorksNot negatable
17) GrayElves Fall into Dreamlike Trance (1d6 turns)WorksBlindfolding Elves negate special
18) Pink and WhiteFemales Become Angry (1d6 turns)WorksHolding Hands negates special
19) Sparkling GoldLight-headed and Disoriented (1d6 rounds)WorksTouch by Friendly Cleric negates special
20) Olive GreenHeals 1 Point of DamageWorksNot negatable

Die Roll Modifiers

New Moon: -2, Ouarter Moon, -1. Half Moon +l, Full Moon, +2 Elves Only in Party: +2, Amulet of ESP: +1, Helm of Teleportation: +2, Amulet of Portals; +4.

Treat rolls of less than 1 as 1 and rolls of greater than 20 as 20

Portal Notes

Depending on the color of the mist various effects (in addition to the expected teleportation) may occur. In general, the color of the mist varies at random remaining one color for anywhere from 30 seconds to a full day (see chart).

In general, the color of the portal should vary at random (roll I D20) but some portals are safer and should.only vary among the safer effects (roll ID 10+10). Which portals are safe and which are not is left up to the individual Judge.